Green Smoothies

Green Pina Colada SmoothieBring on the symphony of flavours with this refreshing and nutritious take on Pina colada. Perfect for breakfast, aprรจs workout or any time you're in the mood for a tasty and healthy snack!
Banana Grape Green SmoothieGrapes and Bananas are a great combination for a delicious smoothie. Beautiful rich green color of this smoothie comes from Green Kale. Easy smoothie recipe with the ingredients usually available all year round! Try purple Kale and Purple grapes and see what color this smoothie turns out.
Banana Nectarine Broccoli SmoothieBroccoli in the smoothie?! OMG who would have thought that it would taste amazing! As Broccoli is high in plant proteins, this smoothie is a great for an after workout meal and very filling and satiating.
Spinach Parsley Celery Pear OJ Green SmoothieParsley is a great green to add to the smoothie. Mixed with fruit and other greens the taste is very mild and somewhat unusual! Try parsley in your smoothie and see if it's your 'cup of tea'. If not you can always replace it with any other green (kale, more spinach, romaine or chard)
Mango OJ Spinach Celery Green SmoothieA delicious combo of Mango and Orange Juice make a great tasting smoothie, spinach gives it emerald green color and celery adds the saltiness. Perfect! Nutritious, filling yet, slimming smoothie you can enjoy all year round! Try the whole the Orange instead of Orange Juice!
OJ Mango Blueberry Kale SmoothieThe ultimate "UGLY" smoothie! This smoothie looks like mud! Yet it's delicious, full of nutritious ingredients and you can't even taste the greens! The secret combination is black (Lacinato, dark colored) kale + blueberries. Thy this smoothie and see how "UGLY" is actually "BEAUTIFUL"!