Is whole avocado too much fat?



Question that your hear a lot on a Low Fat High Carb Raw Vegan lifestyle, if the whole avocado is OK from 80-10-10 diet point of view.

80-10-10 diet recommends that no more than 10% of calories should come from fat. It’s not necessarily a daily ratio. It can be a weekly or even monthly calculated ratio.

If no avocados, nuts, seeds (overt fats) were consumed for at least several days,Β  just fruits and vegetables provide about 6% fats (these are called covert fats). So if overt fats intake is higher in the subsequent days it’s still not going over 10% overall.

So for a standard 2500 daily calories target, 10% is about 250 calories. One small to medium size avocado if mashed and measured in cups yields about 1/2 cup which is about 192 calories according to Chron-o-meter (a popular tool to measure calories).

The answer to this question depends on individual target calories for the day, size of avocado and how much fats were consumed over week/month period.

So if you eat around 2000 – 2500 calories a day, small to medium size avocado or 1/2 of a large avocado can be safely consumed daily without exceeding 80-10-10 recommended fats intake.