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Broccoli Apple PieApple Pie in a jar! Thanksgiving, Christmas or any time you are in the mood for some Pumpkin Pie spice this delicious smoothie is easy to make with ingredients available all year round.
Green Pina Colada SmoothieBring on the symphony of flavours with this refreshing and nutritious take on Pina colada. Perfect for breakfast, aprรจs workout or any time you're in the mood for a tasty and healthy snack!
Apple, Pear, Carrot, Date VolcanoThis recipe speaks to all the wonderful fall flavors of the Pacific Northwest. Crispy Apples, juicy Pears, crunchy Carrots and ooey-gooey Dates. Easy to prepare, delicious and so pretty!
Banana Grape Green SmoothieGrapes and Bananas are a great combination for a delicious smoothie. Beautiful rich green color of this smoothie comes from Green Kale. Easy smoothie recipe with the ingredients usually available all year round! Try purple Kale and Purple grapes and see what color this smoothie turns out.